Child Transformation Uganda (CTU)

We are the childrens hands  


Child Transformation Uganda (CTU)





Child Transformation Uganda was founded to relieve poverty by educating and proving health care, food, shelter and psychosocial support  to disadvantaged children and orphans so that they archive their full potentials

Child Transformation Ugandaoperates a primary school with 300 children

  Child neglect occur in all sections of our society, but the risk factors are greater in orphaned families, parents having economic challenges, have difficulty controlling anger, alcohol or drugs abused, have  no education  or were  abused or neglected as children 

 We are focusing on

· Providing formal primary education and getting sponsors for these children

 · Parent mentoring, counseling, guiding and parent education.

· Case management,

· Carry out education campaign and advocacy for government schools

· Identify children denied of their education and health rights

· Enroll children in government and private schools

· Provide scholastic materials to neglected children

· Stop child employment in shops, factories, house girls or any employment sector.

· Prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing home visitation

· Forming Local Child Welfare groups


  In line with the government's policies,  Child Transformation Uganda believes in placing children in a family environment rather than orphanage centers  Child Transformation Uganda is committed to share knowledge and expertise with the people in the family and community. We have developed links with national and international organisations and international volunteers.


 Child Transformation Uganda is also a centre for Hope Children's Choir  which aims to advocate for the orphan’s rights and to raise resources to generate self-sustainable support